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Sheet Metal Fabrication

ILM Tool offers sheet metal fabrication. We specialize in quick turn prototypes and are fully equipped for small and large production runs. ILM Tool works with loyal local vendors for plating, painting and silk screening.

ILM Tool maintains the tools, people and knowledge to provide precision fabricated sheet metal at affordable prices. Below are just some of the tools that allow us to manufacture reliable products you can trust:

  • 2 Omax 55 x 100 inch Water jet

  • Solid Works CAD

  • 6 foot Wyson 10 gauge shear

  • 2 CNC Strippit punch presses with no need for 2nd ops

  • 4 Brakes from 5 tons to 60 tons with CNC controls

  • Single shot Press for prototype runs 

  • 40 Inch Graining Machine

  • 72 Inch Stroke Graining machine

  • 2 Haeger Pem machines

  • MIG and TIG Welders

  • 7,600 Square foot facility


ILM Tool offers a wide variety of precision sheet metal services. With CAD Program Solid Works, our water jets, punch presses, brakes, and other tools, along with the people who know how to use them, we can provide assistance at every stage of production. Here perform sheet metal fabrication Steel, Stainless Steel and Aluminum and other metals upon request.

Custom Manufacturing Services include:

  • Quick Turn Prototype

  • Water Jetting

  • Shearing

  • Forming

  • Welding - TIG MIG

  • Fabrication

  • Hardware

  • Graining and Deburring

  • Drilling

  • Tapping

  • Countersinking

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